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Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Household Finance



Low Homeownership in Germany - A Quantitative Exploration, September 2019
with Leo Kaas, Edgar Preugschat and Nawid Siassi
Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming

Envelope Wages, Hidden Production and Labor Productivity
with Alessandro Di Nola and Aleksandar Vasilev
B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 19(2), 1-30, 2019

Wealth Inequality and Homeownership in Europe
with Leo Kaas and Edgar Preugschat
Annals of Economics and Statistics, 136, 27-54, 2019

Does Homeownership Promote Wealth Accumulation?
with Leo Kaas and Edgar Preugschat
Applied Economics Letters, 26(14), 1186-1191, 2019

Technology and the Changing Family: A Unified Model of Marriage, Divorce, Educational Attainment and Married Female Labor-Force Participation
with Jeremy Greenwood, Nezih Guner and Cezar Santos
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 8(1), 1-41, 2016

Marry Your Like: Assortative Mating and Income Inequality [Old Version] [Corrigendum]
with Jeremy Greenwood, Nezih Guner and Cezar Santos
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 104(5), 348-353, 2014

Working Papers

Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive Use [Online Appendix], March 2020
with Tiago Cavalcanti and Cezar Santos
conditionally accepted at the Economic Journal

The Aggregate Consequences of Tax Evasion [Slides], January 2019
with Alessandro Di Nola, Almuth Scholl and Anna-Mariia Tkhir
revision requested at the Review of Economic Dynamics

Teenage Childbearing and the Welfare State, January 2019
with Andra Filote and Jan Mellert

Economic Determinants of Fertility: The Case of German Reunification, 2019
with Franziska Deutschmann
draft in preparation

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